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Aerial Group engages in Business Management and advisory focused on entertainment and media.  Starting from Japan and expanding to Asia, the US and on to global market, Aerial Group handles projects from inception of strategies all the way through plan implementation for major players in this area.  Aerial Group itself is also active in entertainment and media field, pushing Japan and Asia based projects for global expansion.


Aerial means "operating in the air."  Airspace 100 kilometers above land is deemed to be beyond sovereignty power of any nation.  It is the border between territorial air and space where sovereignty and borders are just representatives of restraints that we impose upon ourselves.  What if we can allow people, culture and business communicate and travel across the globe without restrictions?  Can we see the potential of human-beings expanded to unknown extent?  Aerial Group is challenging itself to adventure beyond borders, limitations and other hurdles that prohibited us from evolving and innovating ourselves further.  We look forward to working together with anyone who share such values.

Four Features
Entertainment & Media
Entertainment and media is ubiquitous. We cover areas involving movies, television, streaming, games, apps, anime, sports, parks, events and arts, in whatever form or media.
Business & Legal
We have a group partner law firm specialized in media & entertainment.  It allows us to provide practical and to-the-point business and legal guidance for media and entertainment firms, organically including business strategy, and optimum legal and risk-hedging structures.
Strategy & Creative
Creative strategy and business strategy need to work in tandem.  Having creative eyes through conducting businesses for Hollywood studios, we can provide optimal strategy suited for each unique creative.
Outbound & Inbound
Entertainment and media have become global.  While domestic market is essential to create a strong base, we emphasize the importance of performing across borders, whether inbound or outbound. 
Four Distinctive Features
Three Business Areas

Business Management Advisory

Development and Producing

Production Advancement


Aerial Group

11F Aoyama Palacio Tower
3-6-7 Kita Aoyama, Minato
Tokyo 107-0061, Japan



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